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Hand selected for top quality and designs



SYMPLI – is proud to produce 100% of the garments in Canada – from start to finish Fit – our dedicated approach to fit results in flattering and comfortable fashion ‘there is nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your skin’ author, Sympli ‘each style is shaped on multiple women, with diverse figures and body types, to ensure the most flattering fit.


GILMOUR CLOTHING – is a small Vancouver based boutique manufacturer proudly Canadian made since 1994! Bamboo collection – bamboo fabrics are light; soft to touch; and we all love the breathability! Modal collection – is an all natural fabric made from beech tree fabric – which is so soft you will think its cashmere


TRIBAL FASHIONS – best in class women’s clothing Their mission: to deliver on-trend collections that make you look and feel your best for enjoying life’s adventures in comfort and style’ Tribal was founded in 1969 in Montreal PQ Canada. It all began as a women’s pants separates brand. Over the past 40 + years the brand has evolved into a fully merchandised lifestyle collection Offering affordable seasonal pieces which emphasise comfort and fit Tribal will not only having you looking good but feeling good as well

  • Best hats for Sun Protection, SPF 50+.
  • Fair Trade – we support artisans in Mexico who are socially and economically marginalized.
  • Sustainable Fibres  – we use eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown palm fibre.

Tula Hats are made of tightly handwoven palm leaves.  Variation in color; weave; and brim size are natural occurrences.
Designs are all Tula Hats Originals, created and produced in a manner descended from Purepecha Indians of 16th Century Mexico.
Palm is a sustainable fibre that is harvested locally 2 times a year in the traditional manner of the west coast of Mexico.

Watuko Headgear

WATUKO HEADGEAR – Our Multifunction Headgear is made from incredibly soft bamboo fabric filled with micro gaps allowing natural breathability and excellent moisture absorption and ventilation. Our gear is wind resistant, moisture-wicking, and possesses natural functions of anti-bacteria. One size fits most adults.


Sharon Nowlan

SHARON NOWLAN – Making somethings from nothings is a very satisfying thing. I've been doing it since I was old enough to empty the toilet paper roll onto the floor to make doll furniture or some such thing. The world is a piece of art that is waiting to happen. So often a moment will catch my attention and beg to be captured. I could draw it, or photograph it or mould it in clay. I choose to set it in stone and other natural objects I find. I began this art medium about 19 years ago. My son was three and gathered the first handful of pebbles that ended up in my first mixed media work of art. I've been working on my craft ever since. Evolving, designing, adding new elements such as drift wood, twigs, sea glass, ink, and wire. I will continue to find new ways to capture the beauty of life that is all around us. My home and studio is in the heart of a little seaside town, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada.