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Shaping:   Palm is very pliable and you can reshape your brim if it becomes flat after laying brim down for a long period of time.   You can also use a steam iron on low to medium heat and lightly press into shape.   Make sure you put a cloth over the area you are ironing to avoid damaging the ribbons and to ensure that residue from iron does not transfer to your hat.

Storing:  Hang your hat on a peg, hat form, or flat with brim side up.

Water Contact:  They float so if you drop your hat in the water while canoeing just pick it up and let dry.  Of course standing under a waterfall will destroy the shape of your hat!  Light rain won’t affect the hat.    Hang to dry.

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  • One size (22″ or hat size 7)
  • Asymmetrical 3 1/2″ brim
  • Stretch sweatband
  • Hand-woven palm
  • UPF 50+
Weight .454 kg


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